GMV Time Sequence Movies

GMV reads one input file at a time, so making time sequence movies with GMV is difficult. To overcome this problem, GMV has several command line options which can be used to start GMV non-interactively and create a single SGI rgb image. Thus GMV can be called from a script that loops through a series of GMV input files and create a set of SGI rgb time sequence images. In order to create the correct images, GMV must be started in interactive mode, and a representative input file from the series read. Now use GMV to create the image desired and save an attributes file. This attributes file can then be referenced on the command line when creating the time sequence movie.

The GMV movie utility program can also be used to create time sequence movies. The file gmvmovie.c contains a Motif based routine that you can modify for your needs. For example, gmvmovie can import data from LANL's Common File System (CFS) mass storage system. You can change the code to import data from your mass storage system.

See chapter 10 "Making Movies With GMV" in the GMV Users Manual for more information on using GMV to make time sequence movies.

Click to download an example of a script to create GMV time sequence movies or the gmvmovie.c source.
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