Handy I/O Utilities

Here are some simple routines that can be used in either C or Fortran to write out GMV input files in the ieee binary format. It would be helpful if you would read and understand the GMV ascii format before you attempt to use the binary format. Consult the GMV User's Manual for a description.

--In addition to the new AMR functions, the "gmvwrite" library now allows for 64 bit integer and floating point data to describe things such as node ids and/or node locations. Please read the documentation in regards to the changes. Follow THIS LINK to download the necessary files to get you started.

-- An Ensight 6.0 to GMV data translator. Click HERE to download the source code.

-- An ASCII to ieeebinary GMV translator. It can often reduce gmv file sizes by more than half, and it speeds up the loading process as well. Click HERE to download.

-- A Plot3D to GMVtranslator. Unfortuntely, this utility will only convert plot3d geometrydata, as the author didn't get around to writing the code to convert the rest of it. Click HERE to download.

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